Enhance Your Future provides training resources, assessment tools that will meet the needs of your organisation and your students.


EYF offers an extensive range of training materials that cover a variety of training packages across the VET Industry.

If you are not able to find the unit in our STORE, please contact us and we can arrange development for you.

All materials come in Microsoft Word and Power Point, are fully editable and customisable.

Resources Include:
  • Learner resource including assessment Criteria and Definitions
  • Assessor guide including mapping and suggested answers
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Student assessments
  • All documents adaptable for online use
New Development
  • Cert II                 $620 (+GST)
  • Cert III                $620 (+GST)
  • Cert IV                $670 (+GST)
  • Diploma             $670 (+GST)
  • Adv. Diploma    $720 (+GST)
  • Grad. Diploma   $770 (+GST)


Yes, our license permits you to use them without restriction within the purchasing RTO and includes permission to edit, customise and contextualise.
Our resources are produced according to ASQA Standards and have been audited many times in RTO's that have purchased our products. However, "compliance" can be a very grey area sometimes with each auditor having his/her definitions of what exactly it means to be compliant.
EYF's resources are priced according to both the level and the nationally agreed nominal hours per unit. Thus, a diploma unit of 80 nominal hours will cost more than a Cert.II unit of 20 nominal hours. We have chosen this system because, generally, the resource material at higher levels will require not only a higher level of knowledge but a larger knowledge base, making the learner guides and assessments longer and more complex.
EYF's resources are written by experienced, qualified and industry experienced writers. However, the task of industry validation of resources is the responsibility of the RTO.
Yes! In fact, we recommend it highly. At audit time, ASQA requires all RTOs to have resources sufficiently contextualised and customised to their particular demographic and context. EYF's resources are written in a general context and do not fit perfectly in all RTOs at all times. That's why we provide them to you in Word format and license you to edit, customise and contextualise them freely. EYF's resources are not "plug and play".
Yes, you can, but only if EYF is informed and an additional license is purchased for every additional RTO. EYF's prices on the website are for ONE (1) RTO only and does not permit the distribution or use of the resources in any other RTOs except the purchaser's.
Yes, we ask that you refer to Enhance Your Future inside the cover of each of your materials. This reference must highlight that Enhance Your Future is the developer of the materials.
Yes, however upon purchase of our materials you are free to print, change, edit and distribute these materials within your organisation without restriction, on the condition that Enhance Your Future is recognised inside the front cover as the original developers of the materials.

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EYF only produces training resources in a general context, given there written and sold across Australia. Hence they’re provided in a Microsoft Word format to allow contextualisation in-house. Therefore, EYF actively encourages you to edit and contextualise your purchased resources to suit local legislation, particular course, or demographic that your learning programme is aimed at, in order to meet the requirements for RTO compliance.



All of our developers are experienced and hold numerous current VET qualifications & have extensive involvement in learning design and development in the vocational education and training sector as well as industry experience



Reflecting the latest competency standards and AQF level with wide-ranging, flexible assessment strategies. Our Assessment Tools are mapped directly against the relevant units of competency. Resources are developed using information from current training packages which are available on training.gov.au.

We Value Your Feedback


Feedback is regularly sought from our clients, RTO’s, workplace trainers and assessors and industry partners to assist in the validation and ongoing currency and accuracy of our training material.  We use this feedback to ensure our training material meets ongoing industry, VET and ASQA standards and requirements.  We also conduct our own validation and review processes.